Friday, June 19, 2009

The Silent Partner Breaks His Silence

Today's blog is a tribute to the Horizon T701 Treadmill, which has quickly jumped to the front of the race for MVP of the 3 Day Training process, ahead of Big Peach Running Co. and those cool socks I bought at Dick's last weekend. It was 98 degrees last night at 7pm and Kim and I couldn't imagine having Nick Lachey chase us through the rolling hills of Decatur as we tried to get our walk on. So the Horizon (which we got an a ridiculously great sale) stepped in and saved us as we both finished off our four miles. Saturday morning will be an early start as we try to get in 5 miles before melting. I am currently considering bringing some eggs with me so we can stop half way and fry them on the pavement for breakfast.

PS - Ladies, THIS is a blog post. STEP IT UP!

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