Monday, January 4, 2010

Kim's Top 10

I am a bit late on posting this and my teammates have done a wonderful job recapping our AMAZING 3 Day adventure. Here is my list of the Top Ten 3 Day 2009 things for which I was thankful.
  1. My Teammates, Jennifer Dooley, Jennifer Latino, Meredith Perlman, Michelle Wu, & Lisette Buechner: I cannot tell you how special these 5 ladies are to me. Whether I had known them for years or met them the night before opening ceremonies, we accomplished this feat together. When the stepping got tough (and let me tell you 60 miles isn’t a cake walk), we were there for each other. I am very lucky to have these wonderful, amazing, courageous women in my world! I would be remiss to not include my undying gratitude to my Wonderful Training Partner, number 1 cheerleader, honorary team member and husband, Adam. I am certain I would have never have even made it through the preparation let alone the full 60 miles and my family would never have made it around Atlanta (more on that later) without him and his unconditional support. On Day 3 he had gotten word that my feet were struggling (again more on that later) so he arrived at the cheering station that day in his walking shoes ready to walk by my side the remaining 7 miles if necessary to help me to the finish line. He did not need to jump into action but nonetheless he was ready. I am so lucky, clearly an understatement.