Monday, June 15, 2009

My First Solo Walk

Saturday was full of firsts. I took my first walk around the neighborhood without my WTP and I rocked out to a new playlist on my iPod. Normally, I have a Safety First mentality and feel that iPods only distract and could cause a pedestrian to get hit by a car. My compromise on Saturday was to only use 1 ear bud. Not a bad solution!

In any case, we are not allowed to walk with iPods, cell phones or any other electronic device during the 3 Day. (for safety reasons, thank you very much) After my 4 miles, bee-bopping through the streets of Decatur, I will never walk without music again! It was life changing! I took my first step to the theme song to the A-Team and was ready to take on the challenge and perhaps take on the rest of the world when I had completed the 4 miles! I walked through the portion of the neighborhood behind the middle school, where the houses that are for sale are listed WELL above the $500 mark, feeling gangsta with Snoop’s “Drop it Like It’s Hot” in my ear. I was reminded by the Fresh Prince that “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and I persevered up the final hill to get to our house with Springsteen’s “Glory Days” as my victorious anthem. It was fantastic.

What did I take from this experience? Well, my teammates had better start learning LOTS of songs now because we have 60 miles to fill with music, ladies!

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