Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Two Jenns

(For those of you who have already been to my 3Day page - this will be a rerun. My apologies!)

I thought you all should know a little about the 2 AMAZING women with whom I will be walking. Before giving insight into each of them individually, I must preface those descriptions with the fact that they are 2 of the funniest people I know! I am quite certain that the 3 of us will laugh our way through each of the 60 miles and that is something about which I am quite exited!


Jennifer Dooley
Jenn D and I worked together for a blissful 9 months at the Florida State University School of Theatre (SOT). I was the Academic Advisor there then and she was and still is the Marketing Manager for the SOT. Saying that we were fast friends is an understatement and yet is also inaccurate. We actually started at the School of Theatre at the same time in January of 2006 but did not see each other on a regular basis until my office was moved down the hall from her's during the summer of 2007 and THEN we were thick as thieves!! We were the only 2 female owners in the SOT Fantasy Football League, spent MANY a lunches at the Loop, and often tried to talk each other into our newest hobbies. Jenn has in the past tried to convince me to take up scrapbooking and clogging while I tried to get her to shake it with me at Zumba. We actually thought about doing the 2008 Atlanta 3 Day together but I bailed on her to go to the Penn State-Ohio State Football game that weekend. (If you recall the score, perhaps I should have walked instead!) This will be her second walk and she will be our Yoda! Jenn and I have a very similar sense of humor and have NO SHAME when it comes to the popular culture that we consume. Jenn was my 24/7 Tally confidant, partner in crime and is one of the bravest people I know. I am SO fortunate that our friendship has lasted beyond our time together at FSU and look forward to enjoying it for years to come!

Jennifer Latino
JLa and I go all the way back to FSU Higher Education Visiting Days in February 2003. The Higher Ed program brought us together that fall and we were inseparable until she left Tally for Columbia, SC in the spring of 2006. I started as her honorary roommate then became her real roommate. She witnessed the first sparks between Adam and I before we even knew what they were and honored us by performing our wedding ceremony in November 2007. Together, we survived FSU Orientation 2004, have walked every inch of the Walt Disney World parks SEVERAL times over, have narrowly escaped various hurricanes, and have found ourselves in many a precarious situation because of Joe Bechley. This 3 Day is by far our most physcially challenging adventure together though those who have visited Disneyworld with us may say differently. I deeply value our friendship and I so excited to walk beside her as we walk each step. Oh and she has already determined that the winners pin for Rock Star Karaoke Contest during the 3 Day is OURS!

Some people aren't even lucky enough to have 1 Jenn in their lives but I have TWO!

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