Sunday, June 28, 2009

NEW Angels & Fears!

Before I post, Welcome to the blog, J Dooley! Love you, sister!

First the GOOD news! I have two more shout outs to make to my peeps! Thanks to our wonderful, BC-lovin' cousins, Kathy, Steve, Ben & Alex, in Boston, Mass! Kathy has even generously offered to be my walk spokeswoman to possibly drum up some support from our less computer savvy family members in Maine. How have I lived life without a spokeswoman?! I think everyone should go out and get a spokesman/woman immediately! My second shout out goes to Chi-Town to Amy, Ron & the Libster! I got an e-mail that they are coming to visit in September followed by an e-mail about their contribution and I am pretty sure my day couldn't get better! So for those of you keeping score, that is TWO new states represented! Massachusetts & Illinois. (Calling all of my FL & GA peeps! Here's your chance!)

Now the not so good news. I admit, I contemplated this walk a LONG time before making the leap to register. When I mentioned that I was VERY afraid of the challenge, my colleague Rachael asked "What exactly are you afraid of?" I didn't have a specific answer. It was this that finally pushed me over the edge.

Well, after hearing stories from a veteran walker at yesterday's Walk Gear on a Budget, I can now answer that question! My fears in no particular order:
A blister that covers the entire bottom of my foot
A foot full of blisters that have blisters
Loosing a toenail because a blood blister develops under the nail and causes it to fall off
Passing out while holding my dinner tray, falling face first to the ground, & slicing my chin open which would require stitches and take me out of the walk
Passing out in the shower and being dragged naked by paramedics in front of the line of walkers waiting for a shower
Going BROKE due to the amount of gear it will take to walk in order to avoid the above blister & passing out stories

But still in light of these VERY identifiable fears, my greatest is "Not reaching my fundraising goal and not being able to walk". Thanks to Kathy, Steve, Ben, Alex, Amy, Ron, & Libby for helping me fight that greatest fear!

With love, hope & LOTS of Walking,


  1. I just got the giggles reading your fears. My greatest one is the being dragged out naked from the shower. REMEMBER: before you shower drink a bottle gatorade/nuun filled water and eat something. And if I pass out in the shower, throw a towel over me before they drag me out.

  2. I am SO glad I wasn't able to join you at the meeting. I discovered on Saturday, a blister on the back of my heel. The chlorine in the pool must have sucked the life out of it because it gave me no trouble on my Sunday walk. Whew!
    Note: We will definitely shower together! It may take all 3 of you to drag me out, but I want ONLY the 3 of you dragging me out.

  3. I won't tell you about my blisters ... but just know that the doctor told me I should have feeling back in my foot in the year 2017. KIDDING. Although I did have 6 blisters (all on my left foot), it was mostly because it rained all day on the Friday of the walk and I couldn't keep my feet dry.

    I don't think anyone passed out in the showers (though I could be wrong). I'm with Meredith and Jenn - please throw a towel over me. Nobody deserves to be blinded by my pasty white body...