Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How can it be this bloody hot in just June?!?

This blog thing is pretty interesting...I enjoy reading other people's blogs but have never had one of my own. Jenn L. said I needed to start my weekly postings so here very first blog post! (I'm not as funny as Jenn)

I have received my first 2 walking injuries...shocking I know. My first, a small blister (well not really a blister but the skin just rubbed off) on the sole of my right foot. The second, some sunburn on my face from forgetting to put on sunscreen. Now, I have a great reason for forgetting to put on the sunscreen. I was all ready to walk my first 7 miles on Saturday. I even had a slight spring in my step. Ben was planning on working out with me for a bit while I worked out. So we packed up the dogs and headed next door to Complex, the other building Ben supervises, to use the gym. As I started to put our key into the door to Complex, I noticed all the work out equipment lining the little hallway and not in the gym....ummm....they turned the gym into a computer lab for some camp! Well, it's already 11:00 in the morning and hot as blazes (like 97 degrees without the heat index) but I had to get my miles in. So, off I went by myself. I did a 3.5 mile loop twice. I ran out of water after the first loop and was making a deal with myself in my head that if I found water, I'd continue and if not, I'd head home. Well, I found the Glenn Church School Building open, filled my water bottle, took it as a sign and headed back to my loop.

Now, I'd take the dogs with me but it is too hot for them. I did that the weekend before with Ben for 4 miles. While I love my dear husband, I think he almost doubled my time! He was complaining about hills the whole time! Charlie, our Jack Russell/Australian Shepherd mix, was sooooo happy to walking so far (and I was so happy he'd sleep the whole night that night). I would pour water in my hand and Charlie would drink it. He didn't care it was in the high 80s. He was more interested in the squirrels. Hutch, on the other hand, was not happy. He was marching along in a silent protest. When I poured him water, he turned his head and refused it. When we slowed down a little, he would try to start walking in the opposite direction. And, he tried to pee on a bush every 5 feet...I am not even kidding. The poor dog had nothing left to give but he still tried! So, while I love the company of both my husband and dogs, I walk alone for right least until the weather gets cooler or I get up in the middle of the night for my walks.

I do want to follow Jenn's example and give huge shout outs to those who have donated so far. I know $2300 is a lot of money but I really want to walk in October and know that without these donations I won't be allowed to even start the race. So, thanks to my law school buddies, Charles (Potato) Insler and Jeff Brooks. Thanks to Chris and Sabrina Fitze (Bree - go back to studying :)). Thanks to my dear friend Sherry, who is always funny and has the cutest kids. Thanks to my Jessup friend, Jason Johns, who's twin girls are pretty darn cute themselves. Thanks to one of my dearest friend, Rachel, who is super smart and almost done with her PhD (woohoo!). Last but not least, thanks to Dan Hootman, who I didn't even solicit! With the help of these friends, I am now in the double digits of my percentage towards my goal!

So far, I've walked 41.5 miles in snazzy Brooks shoes and special Thorlos walking socks (that supposedly will keep me from losing toenails on the 60 mile walk - who knew you could lose a toenail from walking!?!). Here's to walking many more...


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  1. Great first post, Meredith.
    I am looking forward to meeting you officially.
    Happy Walking!