Monday, June 8, 2009

An ounce of faith is just enough!


This was not an easy decision.  I know that is a surprising statement coming from me-I usually am a “decide fast and deal with the consequences later” kind of gal. 

I was on the lot for 4 minutes before I told the sales person “I want THAT one!” about my car (9 years and 230,000 miles later, still a good choice);

I chose which institution to attend for my doctorate through a game of rock-paper-scissors (Rock Won!  Great choice, rock!  Great choice!);

I bought my house because I liked the way that it smelled (looking back, I probably could have gotten this same smell in my much cheaper apartment with a $6 visit to Bath and Body Works). 

But, the decision to train for and participate in the 3-Day 60 Mile Walk for Breast Cancer weighed on my mind for weeks!  When Kim first mentioned the idea to me last year, I quickly said, “If you do it, I’ll walk with you.”  However, six months later, when it came time to make the commitment, my confidence waivered! 

My apprehensions were multi-fold. 

First, I doubted (and still have only an ounce of faith-but that may be just enough) my ability to physically train for this event.  I am committing to a 21-week training program that will involve some kind of activity, 6 days a week, with some weeks logging as many as 44 miles.  In the heat of SC in the summer, this would challenge even someone in great physical condition.  I am not in great physical condition.  Could I really withstand the muscle strain, blisters, cramps, and sweat that will go into this?

Second, the time commitment to train in a responsible way and ensure that I am prepared to safely complete the 60-mile trek is significant!  When the training plan calls for a 14- or 22-mile walk, this could be as much as 10 hours of a Saturday and Sunday (My training calendar includes shorter walks on Tuesday and Thursday; long distances on Saturday and Sunday; Cross training of 30 minutes-1 hour on Wednesday and Friday).  Between July and October, most weeknights my routine would be, come home, make dinner, eat, change clothes, WALK, cool down, go to bed.  Any socializing, recreation, and my much loved TV binges, would have to be put on hold until after the race!

Third, and this was my biggest worry, was my desperate concern that raising $2300 would be an overwhelming task!  $2300 is a substantial amount of money!  Given the current economic times, my friends and family may not able to offer financial support-regardless of how much emotional support they may provide.  This amount is critical to the success of the 3-Day program.  If I don’t reach my goal, I don’t walk! 

Despite these reservations, when I was kept up at night worrying about whether to complete the registration form, I always woke up knowing that these challenges were what make the 3-Day program such a success!  The commitment that the walkers make is BOLD!  Breast cancer is BOLD!  The training will be rigorous but the pay off will be precious.  The fundraising will be difficult, but the rewards from each of those 2300 dollars will be worth millions to the women (and men) suffering with this disease. 

I share these reservations not in an effort to gain sympathy or bring any glory to my decision to participate in the race.  I share these because they are an honest representation of my fears and so that you will know my concerns.  When the times get tough, you can offer your support in whatever way you can!   If you are not able to contribute to my fundraising efforts, you can offer your support by:

Reading my weekly blog-I have always been a girl with a lot to say and you know I love an audience who will listen (in this case, read).

Offer your suggestions for podcasts, fun walking tunes, digital books, etc. to keep me company on my journey.

Share your own stories and those of your loved ones who have been touched by cancer.  Strong women in my life inspired me to take on this challenge and the stories of others will keep me going!

We are looking for fun ways to celebrate on the 3-Day journey!  If you have suggestions for fun t-shirt slogans, camp decorations, team themes or chants, etc.  please share them!  The 3-Day race is a wonderful celebration and we want our team to be recognized as one of the most fun and decorated among the thousands!

I am making a commitment to make a difference in the lives of many who have been and will be affected by breast cancer.  I hope that you will make a commitment to support me in my efforts.  I plan to post a blog update once a week so visit this site on Tuesdays, starting June 16th, for the weekly entry. 

Thank you all for your support and for taking the time to read my messages.  It’s time to put on my walking shoes and get started!


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