Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Taste of the Good Life

Last week I got to "taste the good life" on multiple occasions!

First, last weekend I started out on my training walk and went my normal route. Less than a mile into my route, I saw a huge sign that said "Welcome to Mile 8" with the Avon 2-Day symbol on it. I had encountered the Avon 2-Day for the Cure route! I saw women dressed in pink and with pom poms and walking equipment. I kept on the route and ended up walking on the 2-Day route for several miles. I got to experience some of my favorite things about the walk during that Saturday training walk. There were crossing guards on motorcycles helping you at the intersections! I saw the guy in the Sponge Bob outfit and the kilt guy. I mentioned to them that I was a 3-Day walker and they said they would be there too and I should have fun training. There were cheerleaders along the way. I felt kind of guilty as they said "Good job!" and "Congratulations!" There were also sweeper vans...What are sweeper vans you ask? If you get injured or can't walk any more, you can climb into a sweeper van and they will take you to the next pit stop or rest area. My taste of the good life was fabulous! It made me remember my favorite things about the 3-Day and look forward to next weekend even more!

My second "Taste of the Good Life" involved food...and a LOT of it! My fundraiser at Rosebud restaurant in Atlanta was a huge success. Thanks go to Chef Ron Eyester! Teammates Kim Sterritt and Karen Wagner also joined us in their 80s finest. Chef Ron did not disappoint. They had a sampler platter that included fried homemade mozzarella, potato skins and chicken wings. Then there was baked brie and a ramen noodle bowl with a shrimp and shellfish broth. The 4th course was a Monte Cristo and it was delish! Then Chicken Francese with great 80s whipped potatoes and the rage of the day...capers. Then they made their own blizzard that was...dare I say it...better than Dairy Queens! Chef Ron and his team also made some great cocktails that included tab and homemade winecoolers. It was a night to remember and photos can be seen here. Thanks again to Chef Ron for such a memorable night and providing such great food. Thanks also to my "walk widow" of a husband, Ben, for being the DJ and playing such good music...even if people stayed and danced until 11:30 pm!

One more week until the 3-Day....I just got an email saying we could print out our credentials and it is such a scary feeling. Here's to a great 3-Day with great teammates. Thank you to everyone that has donated to me and my teammates. We have raised over $19,000 so far and just need a little more to each reach our fundraising goals. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

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