Friday, October 15, 2010

Adoring Fan Post #5

Posted by: Kim Sterritt

Please note, tears were shed during this interview.

Adam Sterritt
Status: Walker Stalker
Location: Decatur, GA

What is your connection to Team New Kids on the Walk?

I am Kim's husband as well as a longtime friend of Jenn Latino and Meredith Perlman.

What one 3 Day moment sticks in your brain most?

As anyone who was with me during the walk knows, I found a lot of moments from the weekend pretty overwhelming. The opening ceremony was very memorable as was the closing ceremony, especially as the survivors entered and the walkers saluted them with their shoes in the air. Watching Kim and her team cross the finish line was probably the best memory, I was so proud and happy for Kim and the team.

What did you do to support the New Kids before, during and after the 3 Day?

When Kim started talking about participating in the 3 Day early last year, I told her that I would train with her if she signed up. In early June we started with a 3 mile walk (which nearly killed me) and by the end of the summer we were getting up at 5am to get in 15+ miles before the sun got too hot. It was an incredible experience and I value the physical benefits of training (I'm not afraid to walk ANYWHERE now) as well as the great benefit of spending so much time walking and talking with Kim. As only the walkers know, it is not very easy to get up early on a Saturday and walk for 5 or 6 hours and it was very meaningful to share those challenges with Kim. During the weekend I acted as Team New Kids Driver and drove the Smith Family Minivan to every cheer station to help cheer on our ladies.

What words of encouragement do you have for the New Kids, both New and Experienced?

Another moment that sticks in my brain is the announcement of how much money was raised at the end of the walk. It is important for all walkers to remember the phenomenal amount of good that their fund raising has done and will do in the fight against breast cancer. I know that all of the New Kids will be able complete the walk if they keep the spirit of the whole event in their minds. Plus, they will be able to eat Girl Scout Cookies out of season.

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