Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adoring Fans Interview #3

Posted By: Kim Sterritt

This interviewee became better known as the Mamarazzi for the countless number of amazing photos she took! She did a terrific job of capturing the many memories of last year.

Linda Latino
Status: Walker Stalker/Mamarazzi
Location: Raeford, NC

What is your connection to Team New Kids on the Walk? Mom of Jennifer (Latino), and friends of other teammates

What one 3 Day moment sticks in your brain most? The beginning in the dark, meeting the entire team of NEW Kids On The Walk, the meeting places, the finale of seeing the entire team walk into the Atlanta Braves Stadium. I guess the highlight was seeing all the walkers, during closing ceremony take off a shoe and hold it high. I still look at that today and it chokes me up.

What did you do to support the New Kids before, during and after the 3 Day? I walked with Jennifer on some of her training walks, monetary donations, goodie bags for the entire team, and for Christmas, presented Jennifer with a scrapbook of the walk, that included pictures and all of the postings that she did every week. She walked 60 miles and I rode with Tina 570 miles to meet the team at every break point and would not change one minute. Each meeting was very emotional. Sitting in the rain, being cold, but meeting other Moms and we kind of formed our own team and met up with each other and made plans for ourselves.

What words of encouragement do you have for the New Kids, both New and Experienced? Be sure you spend the money and buy good shoes. You are going to spend lots of time in them. Jennifer said that was something she did not skip on.

Anything else you would like to add? The bond that the Moms and support team had was extremely important. Where all the girls knew each other, all the Mom's got to spend time and share stories. Jenn's Mom was a very courageous lady to come out and always be there for her daughter and so was Stu. Loved meeting Ms. Buckeye. Enjoyed her goodies that she made to share. Also the dinner that we had as a group was a nice treat. Hopefully that can be done again this year. (editor's note: final arrangements for this are in the works!)

Linda most likely already has her bags packed and will be again making the trip to cheer us on! Thanks, Linda! Can't wait to see you!!!

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  1. I have heard story after story about Linda from Jenn. Can't wait to finally meet her in 9 days!