Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting to Know You, Part 6

Posted By: Kim Sterritt

This interview is brought to you by the letter S, Shawn Seuberling!

Shawn Seuberling

Location: Raleigh, NC

Are you a NEW New Kid or a New Kid With Experience?
I am a NEW New Kid and looking forward to meeting all of my teammates!

What made you decide to take the plunge and sign up for the 2010 3 Day?
2 words: Jenn Latino!

How did you get suckered into joining, I mean, get connected with Team New Kids?

Again, Jenn Latino. She worked at Meredith College when I was a student there. She has, in the past several years, introduced me to Kim and Meredith! Listening to them and reading last year’s blog got me motivated to join up this year!

What is your favorite snack?
I love trail mix!! Can’t get enough!!

What is your favorite walking/workout jam?

I mix it up so much that I don’t have a fave, anything fast to get me moving!

Fundraising for the 3-Day walk is challenging. What is your strategy?
I work with several survivors and they will be my biggest cheerleaders to get everyone at work involved! Also, I am collecting photos of survivors and screen printing them on t-shirts. I will wear these when I am training in hopes that strangers will want to get involved in my efforts to raise money.

What are your plans for training?
To follow the 24 week training schedule. I have two Raleigh training buddies (Addie and Danielle) who will accompany me on all my walks!

Why do you walk? What inspires you?

I am walking for all of the survivors that I know. It is so important to continue to strive for a cure to make sure that everyone is lucky enough to have the title of “Survivor”!

What is your biggest fear regarding the 3-Day?
I will have to say that my biggest fear in all of this is the fundraising aspect. I am worried that I will not raise enough money to even participate in the walk!!

Tell us a little more about yourself?
I live in Raleigh, NC. I have a beautiful new house with my partner and our dog, Addie. Jenn Latino and I have been friends since 2000. I am really excited to be a part of The New Kids On The Walk!!! Looking forward to October.

If you had dinner with Nancy Brinker, the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, what would you say to her or ask her?
I would tell her what a wonderful sister she has been. To take a promise and turn it into a multi-billion dollar organization is amazing. She has taken an idea and made it a household name with a logo that is recognizable across the world! I would ask her if she had ANY idea what a large impression she would make on other survivors when she started this organization and what her ideas were when she decided to make this a reality?

Please feel free to add anything else you’d like to share about yourself or the 3-Day?
I am ready to get started and make my mark on the fight to end Breast Cancer!

Shawn is well on her way to achieving her fundraising goal! Help her hit her $2300 mark by clicking here!

Up next week: Karen Wagner!

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  1. Shawn, I have heard so much about you from Jenn L. and definitely look forward to meeting you. Hope that your fundraising event goes well!