Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why my husband won't let me go to REI again

First, let me start with my shout outs. Thanks to Ella Weaver, Ansley and Joey Dee, Elizabeth Ricks, my parents, and Alyssa Embree. With all of your help I am up to $725. That is 32% of my goal. Now, while I may not be winning in the amount of donations (yet) I think I am doing great in the number of states represented. I have:

North Carolina
New York

That is 9 states (without even cheating by adding states recently visited...cough, cough (Jen))! Way to represent! If you don't see your state represented, I am ready and willing to add your name and state to my list.

As Kim said, we went to a seminar at REI hosted by our new BFF, Jessie. She just doesn't know she is our new BFF. The theme was "The 3-day on a Budget" but we got much more information than just that. She told us things that worked for her and she has now instilled in me my greatest fear - passing out in the shower at the end of the day and being drug out with no clothes on by the paramedics.

Jessie showed us all kinds of goodies...moisture wicking shirts, shorts, socks, Body Glide, CamelBaks, headlamps so you don't lose your flashlight in the port-a-potty, sunglasses cord so you don't lose those in the port-a-potty, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. She told us the secret that for REI members, you can rent a sleeping bag and sleeping pad and not have to buy them. She even created a 3-day gift registry so we wouldn't forget everything we needed.

Well after the seminar, Kim and I were left to wander around the store. First we looked at CamelBaks and we both got one of these:
Now, let me tell training since with the CamelBak has been delightful. I feel like I am drinking much more water!

Then Kim and I rented our camping equipment. We also bought a camping pillow (Hey - it was on sale). I got some fancy moisture wicking tops that were on sale. I got a pair of socks.

As Kim and I were checking out, we both said that our husbands wouldn't let us play at REI unsupervised again. Little does Ben know that I have my eye on some long sleeve tops, the BodyGlide I forgot to buy, Nuun (a supplement that will replace Gatorade for me and not tear up your stomach), more socks (you need 6-10 pairs for the 3-day) and the most important thing being a 60 mile per hour windproof and waterproof rain coat - last year it was raining sideways and so bad that they were relocated at night to an empty office building. So, this weekend when Jen Latino visits, we are sneaking off to REI with or without the boys!

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  1. I got sucked in!! Meredith took me to REI and I now sport a lovely lime green CamelBak! It's fantastic! Drinking water is so much easier-and my hands are free to fight off squirrels!