Thursday, July 16, 2009

If Kim sends a shout out, but has no voice, does anyone hear it?

Deep thoughts for this Thursday afternoon! I have been a TOTAL slacker blogger for the past couple weeks. In all fairness, work has been nuts and I have been sick as a dog. More on that later.

First up: SHOUT OUTS Galore! Immediately following my last blog post I was honored to receive a chain of contributions from THREE new states! Thanks to my favorite Cajun, Sonja who is currently living in Texas. Special thanks to dear friends, John & Ella Weaver in Alabama. We will absolutely be walking in honor of Ella's mom who is a survivor and in honor of John's mom who is still fighting her battle! Our hope is that next year we can walk in celebration of John's mom's VICTORY! Thanks as well to my friend, B, who I am so grateful to get to work with every day! Thank you for supporting my journey, friend, and for finally putting Georgia on my contribution map!

I was so excited to receive 2 contributions while we were in Ohio for the fourth from my Aunt Jackie & Uncle David and from the Lankey Crew, Jason, Kathryn, Elyse, Bryanna, & Josh. All of my other contributions have strictly come in online so it was kind of nice to be able to convey my GREAT appreciation face to face!

I knew that I was having a contribution dry spell, when my mom said "So you haven't gotten any new donations recently?" SO I took that as a call to action and posted a new 3 Day facebook application and immediately got an amazing contribution from the McNeals in FLORIDA! Their contribution not only put the Sunshine State on my map but also got me excited for the Sir Paul McCartney show we will be attending together in August! Following Brent & Ashley's lead was my far away friend, Seth, who is a proud fellow Buckeye in the state of California! Thanks for the generous contribution, Seth! And my final contribution of the day came from my Aunt Lori & Uncle Roger who were able to make a thoughtful contribution despite the after math of my cousin Emily's weekend wedding. Thanks Roger & Lori and Congrats Emily & Jeremy!

Kim's Total States Represented: OR, OH (x 3), NY, AZ, CT, VA, MA, IL, TX, AL, GA, FL, & CA! 13 in all Friends!

Training took a bit of a back seat to healing this week as I have been sicker than I have been in 10 years! It all started with an benign scratchy throat Thursday afternoon and snowballed into 4 days in bed and Doctor's orders of NO talking for 2 days. If you know me at all, not talking is VERY hard for me. I barely managed 6 miles with Latino, Mere & Adam Saturday morning but then was done for the day and had to skip both the Expo and REI (MAJOR disappointment!). I haven't been able to walk since then but am hoping to jump back on track perhaps by Saturday! 7 mile Saturday. We'll see!

Overall, BIG thanks to the New Contributors on my Block and Happy Walking or Healing depending who you are! Any typos are credited to the list of meds in my body!

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