Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Cookie Tuesday!

I am only $405 from reaching the fundraising requirement for the Breast Cancer 3-Day!  I thought that Florida State University was going to dominate this week.  Former classmates Caroline Joy, Margaux Manley, and Melissia Brannen all made donations.  Each of these women have been my cheerleader during this experience.  Caroline is an athlete who regularly participates in events that end in “athalon”; Margaux dragged me to the gym the first time I ever stepped foot on a treadmill and often left me in her dust as we jogged around Blairstone Apts in Tallahasee;  Melissia’s kind words about Aunt Linda kept me going for over 3 hours on Saturday morning.  The FSU monopoly was broken up by the Keup Family!  While part of the USC crew, Jennifer made a donation within 24 hours of returning from Montreal!!  According to the cheater rules, that means she put Canada on my map!!  Their donation was made in memory of a family friend, Mr. John Barulich.

I have created a map to recognize all of my donors-and to brag that I have donations from 7 states + the District of Columbia, and 2 countries (I didn’t count my cheater countries-Germany is legitimate).  Click here to see the many places from which your smiling faces have sent love and encouragement my way! You’ll see people from my many homes including Raleigh, NC; Tallahasee, FL;  Columbia, SC (leading the way with 22 donations) and..oh wait, No one from Fayetteville, NC!  The place where I lived for 22 years and yet, no representation?  Step it up, Fayetteville!

This week I am sending out a challenge to all of my readers who have been planning to donate but have not yet found the time.  Each person to make a donation of $100 or more this week will receive a personal care package, filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies! Jenn-made, in fact!  If you are in the Fayetteville area, I will personally deliver these to you this weekend. Those of you outside the Fayetteville area, the offer comes with overnight shipping! Only the freshest cookies for Team Jenn supporters! If you would rather gift them to a friend, I would be happy to ship them to your designee.  What a great way to honor someone on their birthday, or a breast cancer survivor, your boss just because you hope she/he will give you a raise, or that sweetie you have had your eye on!

This week’s training schedule was the same as last week.  I completed 24 miles in 45,149 steps.  The grand total is 154 miles and 320,174 steps!

I’ll be in Fayetteville this weekend celebrating my parents’ and aunt’s birthdays.  I will be walking 11miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday so if are in the area and want in, feel free to join me! 

Happy Steppin!


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