Thursday, July 16, 2009

99 days and Counting...

Oh my gosh, we have 99 days until the walk! Not much time for training but hopefully enough for fundraising! That is no longer in the 3 digits!

This week has been great! 3 of the New Kids got together for a training walk on Saturday and Kim powered her way through it even while feeling not so great. Latino and I then tackled 8 miles on Sunday! We missed Jen Dooley but realized the Latino-pod, Mere-pod, and Kim-pod are going to be entertaining for 60 miles and 3 days. She will just add a Dooley-pod which will hopefully keep us entertained.

Then as Latino said, she and I headed to the Expo. We heard that we need to think of party games to keep us entertained or else you're going to learn things about each other you don't want to know while you try to fill 3 days with chatter. So, we want you to help us think of party games to get us through the days. Start thinking!!!

We're also starting to think of t-shirt ideas. Got something? Send it our way. There were lots of interesting slogans at the Expo but we want ours to be the best. So, be creative.

I want to send my shout-outs. Thanks to Patrick and Danielle Byrnett from Va. Patrick is a high school friend and I appreciate his support. Thanks to my co-worker Doreen Oliver for her very kind donation. And thanks to Mimi Wu, who lived on 2nd Beall with me in high school and was a partner in crime. Finally, special thanks to Joe Bainbridge, who I emailed for fundraising ideas after his offer on the message boards and he donated $50 to my account! Joe is very inspirational and is walking 2 3-days this year and he added Pennsylvania to my list!

My states stand at:
North Carolina
New York

Now, my goal. I'd love to at least reach the $1000 mark by my birthday. When is my birthday you ask. Why, it is Saturday. Yes, this Saturday and I am getting closer and closer to 30. I have $105 to reach in two days. Can I do it? I sure hope so. I know that my friends and family have been generous so far and hope they can help me reach my goal.

P.S. Don't forget to ask your employer to match your donation and I'll get to my goal that much faster!

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