Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Walk of Firsts...Neither Bald nor Pink

Good evening,

I am sad to say that I am neither going bald nor pink within the next few weeks. Ironically, I received the opposite effect of this contest than anticipated--most people boycotted! So thank you to those that boycotted and said they would donate once the contest is over--Its over so keep the donations rolling in! I am a little less than 1/2 way there and starting to feel the crunch, but I have faith that I can make the goal.

On a more laughable note, I have to tell you all the story of my first "war wound"...yep, that's right walking is very dangerous. This past weekend was a series of firsts--my first 15 mile walk, my first walk surrounded by family and friends, and my first walk solely on the treadmill.

Shannon and I headed to South Mississippi to visit parents, family and friends for the weekend. I was very excited to walk around Ten Mile Creek (the name of their community does accurately describe the distance) and get most of my walking in outdoors. This would be a new area with new scenery and possibly new company (they have three dogs), but I was disappointed to find out that Ten Mile creek was not a walking friendly community. People drive way too fast on the road without sidewalks to be safe... so my longest walk yet was to be completed on the treadmill. This, my friends, was bittersweet... I don't know if any of you are familiar with South MS in August, but its hot and humid--being on the treadmill meant that I didn't have to do the crack of dawn walking, but I did have to be running indoors for quite some time.

Flash forward many miles. I am bored, tired of listening to my play-list, can't read any more of the work I brought and don't have a book. My solution is to "Kick it up a notch" as Emeril says and began running. As many of you know I am terribly "exercised challenged" so this was certainly a bold move on my part, but I am doing well--booking it actually! Another mile down quickly because of the pace I kept--awesome... this is certainly working out for me. Around the time I started to get cocky I also got thirsty. I decided to hop onto either side of the treadmill itself, get some water and get right back to running. Just about the time I was getting back on (at the running pace still) I slipped. Yep, and just like Emeril says "BAM" in the splits hitting hard on the treadmill--giving me my first "war wound" and making the third of my firsts "being surrounded by family and friends" quite embarrassing. Thank goodness I think they are used to me and my grace.

Stayed tuned next week as my blogging takes a more exciting turn... The Chronicles of Mr. Pickles returns!

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  1. There is no running on the 3-Day....and now you know why!! I saw the picture of your war wound on Facebook and it looks like you will be out of commission for a while. I have to know, did Shannon capture your tumble on the iPhone? We can send it in to Ellen or Funny Videos and win $10,000 for Team New Kids. If he didn't capture it, can you do a replay? Come on! It's for the tatas!