Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge of the Week: Bald or Pink?

Hello New Kid Readers and Walk supporters,

Well, I promised updates and activity from me on the site, but I bet you didn't think it would be two in one night. This post you don't want to miss.

For those of you who've already donated on my behalf--THANK YOU! For those of you thinking about it... this week is your chance to make it happen and help make a decision--BALD OR PINK? Make a donation to cast your vote, should I shave my head or dye my hair NEON pink!

Roxxy, brighter than your hair was when we met and for those of you who knew me with the last really short hair cut--yep, it will be shorter!

There are a few incentives here:

If the donation goal is reached by 11:59 PM Tues night-- I will do both. Yes, I will be a pink "cue ball"
If the donation goal is reached by 12 noon on Thurs. I will listen to the people and do one or the other.
If the donation goal is not reached by Thurs. at noon I will not do either.
Literally, You decide my head's fate.

I am having a hard time getting the link for the survey to post to my donation site so I will add it here as well--in good faith :)

Donation Page:

Bald or Pink Page:

Happy choosing!

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