Sunday, August 8, 2010

Struggles and A New Freedom!

Ok I have to be honest. I have been struggling for past couple of weeks. Here in Atlanta, the temperatures have been extremely hot and work has been extremely busy. So, walks have been hard. Also, with $1700 left to raise, it is a little daunting. However, I think I have turned a corner and am getting excited about my walks again. After following the 3-days of the last 3 weekends, I am getting pumped.

This Saturday I got a new kind of freedom. My sister gave me an iPod + Nike device for my birthday. It calculates your mileage for you and even lets you set goals for your workouts. Saturday I had a 10 mile walk to do. I had planned on just walking my 3.5 mile loop 3 times and being done for the day. However, when I got to my first turn I realized that I could turn left instead of right and walk a whole new route! I was pretty excited about it and the saw all the new possibilities in front of me. I just started walking and enjoying the new scenery in front of me. My little device kept track of the miles for me and on the second half of the walk even counted down the mileage for me. With this new spring in my step and an accountability tool I was able to walk 10 miles in exactly 3 hours. I walked to Oakhurt and saw exactly how close things were in proximity to our house.

So, with this new tool, I am looking forward to my new freedom and not having to map out my routes before I leave the house.

Happy Walking!

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  1. Hi Meredith,

    I can completely feel your pain about the heat and the donations. I, too, hit the 100 degree wall of de-motivation! I read your post last night, decided I would get up this morning and get my booty back in gear. Thanks for getting me back on track!
    It sounds like I need this Nike device. What is this? Tell me more