Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Finally Figured it Out.

Hi New Kids on the walk readers... I have finally figured out how to add blog entries to the site--amazing right? Now that I have this licked, I will start updating you on a regular basis. So here's a flashback to the past. This post is from the beginning of my walking journey... Hope you enjoy!

Date: End of May

As many of you know at this point, I have officially joined the 3-day walk to help raise awareness and end breast cancer. What you might not know (because I have not been an avid blogger) is how much fun I am having during the training process. I am NOT--repeat NOT-- a fan of exercise or strenuous activity... I will gladly take a book and boat over a run or nice hike any day of the week. Those of you who had the pleasure of attending the Student Success Center 2006 Winter retreat might remember Nicholas Sparks is my favorite. However, I have dragged Shannon and Mr.Pickles along on many occasions and on the rare ones I am alone, I get a chance to relax a little.

I got up this morning, got dressed in the cutest walking outfit (crummy running shorts and ratty t-shirt), tied my shoes, sat of the couch for a second waiting for the sun to peek out just a little more... and fell right to sleep... I woke up just in time for work!

The hardest thing for me isn't the walking itself, its finding the time to actually do it. I have tried the morning (around 5:30 or 6:00 walks) which are great (and the ones I normally do alone), but getting out of bed is ridiculous...I have tried the afternoon/after-work walk, but getting my happy tail out of the office chair and onto the walking track is insane...those are the ones Shannon normally has to force me out of the house to do... ha. But I think my favorite are the random times of day walks. It's that time when the "stars align" and the phone stops ringing, the emails stop coming, the energy level is beginning to plateau, but there is just enough motivation to get a few miles in...those are the walks I love. MP in tow--along with the trust "chuck it" we walk, play fetch, and listen to the the favorite concert for a short cruise! I come back revived and MP is exhausted! What a great treat.

Here's to planning and sticking with it. Ladies and gents--boys and girls, I need all the help and motivation you can provide.

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