Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I Walk - Redefined

With each step I have taken over the past 2 months, I have found that my reasons for walking are becoming clearer and clearer. My initial reason was to help end breast cancer and to take on a challenge bigger than I have ever taken on before. This is the root of why I walk but it is deeper than that.

With each contribution comes another story of a survivor or of a battle. I walk for Alice West, Stefanie Spielman, Ella's mom, John's mom, Amber's grandmas & great aunt, Jenn's aunt, all of the people close to my teammates who have been affected by breast cancer and all of the survivors we will meet throughout the 3 days. That is why I walk.

At a kick off meeting we were told of a man who walks all 15 3 Days across the country. He does all of the fundraising for each of the walks - that's a minimum of $34,500! He walks for his 3 daughters so they will never experience breast cancer. If he can do 15, I can do one!

Through preparation for the walk, I have met a woman who was told 5 years ago that brain cancer would most likely take her life but if she survived she would never walk again. She will be walking this fall and believes that if we find a cure for breast cancer there is no stopping us from finding a cure for ALL cancers, including brain cancer. As I walk to end breast cancer I also walk to find a cure to colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, ALL cancers!

When word arrived that our friend, Sara's mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will be fighting the good fight in Tally, I thought enough is enough. Something must be done! That is why we walk!

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