Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Weekend's Walks - The LONG Story

First, let me take this opportunity to send a shout out to the newest members of my financial support network! Thanks to cousins, Tricia & Greg in Minnesota! Tricia lost a dear friend to this blasted disease in December and had another co-worker diagnosed in June. We walk for them! Tricia & Greg donation not only put Minnesota on my map as the 14th state represented but also took me to the 50% mark in my fundraising efforts! Super Exciting! I was also honored to receive a contribution from great friends, Robyn, Brad, Jackson and Parker Brock who not only gave towards my goal but also towards a few of the New Kids! This week brought a generous donation from my brother Brad & his BEAUTIFUL family! With their contribution, I now have LESS than $1000 to go! Only $915 to be exact! We have a FUNdraiser this Tuesday at Figo Decatur, a delish Italian restaurant near us, so perhaps that number will shrink quick!

School has begun and the preparation for that brought a FLURRY of activity! It has been difficult to fit in time to train but this weekend brought some hefty distances! Yesterday was 12 miles! My WTP had to work yesterday morning so I was on my own. My hope was that he would be home in time for my second 6 mile loop but I was inspired to get an early start at 7:30 am so our timing was off a bit. The first loop was rather uneventful. Saturday mornings are pretty quiet in our neighborhood as most people don't start moving till around 9. I was walking past Big Peach Running Co. (home of our kicks) right when they opened at 9 so I stopped in to buy a second pair of my new favorite socks and .....wait for it......a sweat band.....for my head. Yes, I am trying to bring the headband back into style. I do not believe I will be successful because I look about AS ridiculous as I can possibly look in this thing. BUT it works! It keeps the sweat out of my eyes and off the back of my neck. SO fantastic and work every penny of the $7! Plus it is reversible so when I soak the pink side, I can flip it and start fresh with a dry white side. AMAZING!

I finished up the first loop at home with a quick pit stop, fresh SUGAR FREE GRAPE POWERADE (life changing product, people!), and some fresh dry clothes. As I started out for loop 2 a couple neighborhood boys were fascinated by my Camelbak that carried water. After solving the mysterious backpack for them and asking if they wanted to join me for the next 6 mile loop (to which they said "Are you crazy?!"), I was off! I was still feeling pretty good but could tell I had already walked 6 miles.

I realized that at mile 9 I had a pebble in my shoe that was causing problems. Thankfully I was right in front of Ryan & Gub's house (my bro-in-law & sis-in-law). So I quietly sat on the step of their front porch to not alert their vocal dog, Birdie, or wake them as it was still before 11 am on a Saturday. As I sat, shoe off, shaking out the stone, the door opened and there was Ryan. Apparently when he went to turn on the tv and saw someone sitting on the porch, he was startled and decided to investigate. Sorry for the scare, Ry! My brief, problem solving stop turned into a nice 20 minute chat and thankfully a bathroom break! Thanks guys!

I headed down the 3 mile home stretch with determination and a bit of a bum right knee. I dreaded the final hill at home but planned on calling Adam to come pick me up at the bottom if things got really bad. It was getting rougher and rougher around mile 11. I knew I was going to make the phone call and just as I reached for my phone, I looked across the street and saw my grinning husband/WTP walking toward me. Normally this would have been an AMAZING surprise but this meant he was not home and was not near the car. My plan had been thwarted and I panicked. He calmly said it would be ok and literally held my hand in order to get me to our street. (We do not typically hold hands during training walks because our paces tend to differ a bit. I don't think I would have made it without his hand yesterday. Thanks A!) At the bottom of the final hill, I knew I couldn't do it, especially since my route was over 12 miles and I didn't need the final hill to fulfill the distance. So my WTP left me sitting pathetically on the curb at the bottom of this hill while he went to fetch the car for my rescue! The rest of the day was spent immobile on the couch or in the bed. 12 miles - check! But I feared the 9 mile attempt slated for the next morning!

This morning was a different story altogether! It was cool & breezy. I had my WTP by my side and the 9 miles flew by! My right knee gave me NO issues! The cooler weather gave me insight into what October could be like! And I like the idea of that!

My apologies for the long post but it had been a while and I had lots to share!
With Love, Hope & LOTS of Walking!

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