Monday, August 10, 2009

Left Behind

WE DID IT!  With 45 donations from family and friends, I have reached the fundraising requirement to participate in the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk!  The donation that put me over the top came on Tuesday morning last week.  It was made by Julianne and Gary Dunn.  I was especially moved by their gift because I am walking in memory of Julianne’s mother, Jacqueline Brinkman.  More about Julianne and our adventures later... The donation from the Dunn’s put me over the $2300 requirement-but you didn’t stop there!! University 101 was represented by Michelle Ashcraft and Rico Reed.  These two are still doing things as a team, even with 3 states separating them! Yea Michelle for putting Kentucky on the map.  Thanks to you both for supporting me with your funds and your constant cheers of “You can do it!”  Illinois is now on the map thanks to Bill Mattera who knows more than anyone that the best place to train for a long walk would be on the streets of Disney World with a Casey hot dog in our hands.  How can we make that happen?  Pronto!  My fundraising efforts will not end here.  There are 10 weeks left before the 3-Day Event and I will continue to ask for your support to join our efforts to find a cure for Breast Cancer.   

When we signed on for this walk I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to raise the $2300 requirement and that I would be left behind.  I think my worries of being left behind have invoked some karma on my walks lately!  Last week, Julianne joined Joyce and me for a 5 mile Sunday.  We were visiting in Fayetteville and Julianne invited us to a park near Methodist College.  She told us it was a beautiful wooded area with a mostly shaded path.  WONDERFUL!  After our 11-mile adventure down the country road the day before, I was looking forward to a shaded path.  What Julianne didn’t tell us was that this path was a series of up and down hills!!  Oh my!!  I am accustomed to the flat roads of the midlands of South Carolina and my calves were calling her dirty names on Monday morning!!  We made it through the 5 miles and when we arrived back at the cars discovered that Julianne had lost her car key! She had tied it to her shoelace to keep her hands free and somehow, probably because of all the crazy up and down of the path, it had worked itself loose without her noticing. 

Now, if workout clothes had pockets this would not be such an easy thing to do-lose your key.  I have only been paying attention to workout clothes for a few months now and I will say that my number one complaint (aside from the dreadful fashion “don’t” that is spandex) is that there is nowhere for a gal to store her gear!!  I have my lovely Camelpak backpack for long walks but for a quick 5 miles I usually hit the road pack free.  I have tied my key to the drawstring on my shorts, strung it on my headphones cord, tucked it into my…it really is a problem-no pockets!

Julianne’s husband was coming to her rescue but since the park was at least 20 miles from Julianne’s house, Joyce and I decided to head back on the path and see if we could find the key.  We walked for nearly 2 miles down the trail (and up the trail and down the trail and up the trail…) and came back empty handed.   Somewhere on the Cape Fear River Trail is a car key that got left behind.

This week the left behind karma followed me on my Saturday walk.  It was a 12 mile day-my longest yet.  I set out on a new path into Lake Carolina.  I have learned that when you are walking for several hours by yourself, scenery can make all the difference.  So, I chose a path that takes me through one of the nicest neighborhoods in Columbia-a backdrop of beautiful houses and a lovely lake helped pass the time.  About 7.5 miles in, I had to make a pit stop.  I decided to also take that break to dig my apple out of my bag and have a seat in a wonderful Adirondack chair under a gazebo (I told you this neighborhood was fancy!).  I took a few minutes to refuel with my snack, a quick face wipe off, fresh socks, and I was off on the last 3.5 miles home.   As I came out of the neighborhood, I was greeted by the bright sun peeping out for the first time that morning.  I reached into my bag for my sunglasses and realized that they were gone!  I must have lost them either on my pit stop or during my snack break!!  I was perplexed!  Do I turn back and try to find them, thus adding as much as 2 miles to an already grueling 12? No way-I had learned my lesson last week with the key!  I am a firm believer in our prescribed training program.  When the 3-Day coach tells you to walk 12 miles you do it-but not 1 mile more!  These were my favorite sunglasses and I was terribly distraught-but they would just have to be left behind. 

When I arrived at home, Joyce and the kids were there to greet me.  Mary Grace has been reading Nancy Drew this summer so I grabbed the keys (those were secured safely in my bag) and we headed off in the car to solve the mystery of the left behind sunglasses.  Luckily, with super sleuth MG by my side, we found the glasses on the side of the road near my gazebo oasis.

During the walk back home when I was sure I would never see my glasses again, I considered all the things that had been left behind during my training.

My old shoes.  Remember the Brooks that caused the blister?  I was happy to leave those behind.

Foot pain.  I have built up lovely calluses on each of my toes, and while it won’t win me the prettiest feet award, I can take on at least 8 miles with little to no discomfort in my feet. 

My rear end!  I have, quite literally, walked my butt off!  Even the flat roads of SC will help tone your backside when you are walking over 20 miles a week. I left my behind, behind.

A sprinkling of DNA.  Sometimes the path doesn’t take you past a pit stop right when you need it to most. I am considering writing an entire blog about the places I “go.”  I’m not sure I’m ready for quite that much disclosure! 

Terrance the 14th.  Sunday we saw a turtle at the Riverwalk in downtown Columbia. When we were kids Joyce was always bringing home turtles that she found on the side of the road.  We’d save them in an aquarium and name them Terrance until they got too big to keep.  She wasn’t with me Sunday so I left him behind. 

All of my fundraising worries!  On Friday, October 23rd thousands of people will toe the starting line to make a 60-mile commitment to help find a cure for Breast Cancer and, thanks to all of you, I will NOT be left behind!

I have to give a shout out to the Dunn’s and their friend Donna. Julianne and Gary were visiting Donna in Columbia on Sunday and they met me for an early Sunday morning 7-mile walk.  That’s 2 Sundays in a row!  Thanks for the company and for the support. 

This weeks training took me:  28 miles and 51,352 steps.

I broke the 200 mile mark!  So far I have walked:  206 miles and 413,241 steps. 

Happy Stepping!


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  1. Nice post. I'm glad you made your goal and that you left your behind, behind :)