Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Return of Mr. Pickles

As we are quickly entering into the home stretch of the walk, I feel like I should take some time to thank two very important members of my family for their support throughout this mission...Shannon and the infamous Mr. Pickles. As many of you know, Shannon is my husband and has been supporting me and providing motivation for me to get up and stick with my training. Mr. Pickles is our almost three year old Springer Spaniel with an attitude... he's quite vocal about his wants and  has no problem voicing his opinion. Below you will read a short portion of an actual email I recieved from Mr. Pickes this evening. Nope, I am not kidding, his email address is Ihatethefatguy@gmail.com  try it and see. Up to this point he has been a very supportive part of this training process, but I guess I can't say that anymore...

Dear Floppy Hair,

We have a problem.  For some reason based in perpetual insanity you woke me up again this morning real early to go out for a little walk.  First off, why 5:30?  Really, 5:30?  Is there no other time for this heinous activity?  Moreover, why so far?  5.6 miles, really? Don't you remember we have an orange box that I ride in all the time, why can't we use that?  Heck, I looked like a fool this morning running up to its door thinking I was going  some place fun, like to the park to do things I like to do.  Remember how much I like going to get the ball?  You can't throw it too far for me.  And, remember my speed?  I am sooo fast, it'll make your head hurt.  So why did we have to stop going and start this early morning stuff?
I like a morning walk as much as the next guy, but why so long? I good for about an hour, not four.  And, you didn't throw the ball for me at all?  Are you trying to hurt me?  And, you said that we were going to keep making this a morning thing between now and you breast cancer walk, really? When is that again?  Well, I hope it is tomorrow because I can't take much more of this abuse.  But, if I have to go then I'll be getting ol' Pancake Butt up so he'll share in the misery.  Hey, if he goes well have something to laugh at, I mean, really ... can't you just hear him wheezing now?  Begging for one of those raspberry zingers things he likes so much?  Oh, this is gonna happen because if I have to keep going, then I'll be requiring comedy.  Tomorrow is gonna be so fun.
_Mr. Pickles

So for those of you I don't have the pleasure of knowing for a long time, I hope you've enjoyed your first installment of the Chronicles of Mr. Pickles. By the way: I am "Floppy Hair" and Shannon is "pancake butt"

I always find it as amusing as I do. A great "pick me up" regardless of the type of day. 

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