Monday, October 5, 2009

Hot, Fresh, Oasis!


The start of October brings 3 kinds of good news! 

1. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month!  PINK has arrived!  In the past 5 days, I’ve seen the power of pink on NFL players, Ellen has launched her Breast Cancer dunk tank, and my daily Yoplait yogurt has a pink fundraising lid!  It is inspiring to see such a visible effort in the fight to find a cure for this terrible disease.

2.  The New Kids on the Walk have reached the fundraising minimum for the 3-Day Breast Cancer Event!  If you didn’t see Kim’s big announcement, scroll down!!!  We are thrilled to have raised over $12,000 as a team.  We attribute our fundraising success to folks like Shawn Seuberling, Danielle White, and the LeCount Family, who all contributed to my efforts this week.  Shawn and Heidi LeCount have a Meredith College connection-I worked with both of them while I was earning my master’s degree.  Aside from being the most FUN family in Raleigh, Heidi and her wonderful husband Kevin and precious son Nathan support the MC efforts in the fight against breast cancer and I am proud to have them on my team as well.   In addition to loaning me their neighborhood for my first every 6-mile walk (I remember when 6 seemed like a long way) and their pup Addie for many miles in SC, Shawn and Danielle generously celebrated their birthdays by giving ME a card and donation.  Not a bad gig!

3.  We will walk this month!  When we started this journey in June, October seemed a million years away.  I can’t believe it is here already and in just 18 days, we will take the first of many steps on the 60-mile journey!   

This weekend I visited NC to attend the U2 concert at Carter-Finley Stadium.  Meredith was also in town for a high school reunion so we were able to share a 10-mile walk on Saturday.  It was wonderful to have a fellow New Kid team member for some great company and a much needed change of scenery among the streets of downtown Raleigh.   Mere and I both admitted to being a bit discouraged about Saturday’s walk.  What we needed was some motivation-something to keep us going when our feet were heavy and our attitudes were weary…what we needed was a doughnut!! We decided on a route that took us past the Peace St. Krispy Kreme at about mile #7.  We knew if we made it that far, we could enjoy a sugary boost and sail through the final 3 miles. 

We were on the search for doughnuts.  What we discovered was the secret to the obesity problem in America.  Look out Dr. Oz, Jenn and Mere have figured it out!  When we entered the KK, we were in awe at the oasis of doughy glazed jewels in the glass case in front of us.  THIS is what we had been working for!  Every step of the 7 miles had gotten us to this point…YES, YES, YES!

I was contemplating the impossible choice of the fall favorite pumpkin glazed vs. the sour cream glazed cake doughnut when I was interrupted by a KK staff member who asked if she could take my order.  Until that moment, I had forgotten anyone else was in the store and I would have swore that there were Anglican chants playing softly through the air. 

Can you take my order?  Yes.  I’ll have one of each.  No…stick with the sour cream glazed cake.  I confidently placed my order and when Meredith did the same (chocolate covered crème filled), the staff person asked if we would like a half dozen.  When I replied, “No thank you” she retaliated with “Three will be $3.23 and a half dozen is only $5.25.” (Yes, we ordered 3 but 1 was for Ben who was back at home.) When we responded that we only needed the 3, the woman repeated herself, with shock in her voice “But, a half dozen is only $5.25!”  As if it wasn’t evident from our attire and the 10-pound water filled pack on my back, I informed her that we had walked there and if we ate 6 doughnuts it would rather defeat the fitness benefits of a 10-mile walk.  Caution to others:  Do not make references to the possibly less than healthy content of a doughnut, while standing in a Krispy Kreme. 

I claimed that Meredith and I discovered the root of obesity in America.  Krispy Kreme doughnuts?  NO! Don’t blame the doughnuts, don’t ever blame the doughnuts!  It’s the failing economy that is to blame!  Due to the decline in spending among Americans, employees of Krispy Kreme have to seize any opportunity to bring in an extra dollar (or $2.02).  It’s simply a supply and demand issue.  Fewer folks visit the KK, so those of us who do are expected to take up the slack and buy a few extra.  I’m happy to bear my own load, but folks, you have to get out there and support the doughnut industry! 

This weekend I challenge you all to get outside, take a walk to the nearest KK (or any doughnut retailer but as a NC native, I remain loyal to the Krispy Kreme), and contribute to the demand! If we all do our part, those of us who have loyally supported the doughnut industry can walk away, hassle free, with 1 doughy treat-per visit.   Custard filled, blueberry cake, football shaped (for a limited time only), crullers, and chocolate covered with sprinkles are counting on YOU to help fight obesity-one doughnut at a time! 

Editorial Note:  Before I move on, I have to point out a few connections that I realized as I was writing this blog.  1. Shawn and Heidi donated to my fundraiser this week.  I met them both at Meredith College. 2.  Meredith is my teammate, and walking partner this week, who is named after Meredith College-though she did not attend.  3. Meredith and I visited Krispy Kreme. Shawn's mom works for the KK home office in Winston-Salem.  STRANGE??

There is a new face on my 3-Day page.   This week, I am spotlighting Jamia Clark. Ms. Jamia is the late grandmother of my friend, Mandie Thacker.  Mandie made a donation to my walk in honor of her grandma.  Mandie had this to say about her grandmother: 

She was a breast cancer survivor who had a mastectomy of the affected breast in 1994. She was an amazing woman who fought and won the fight against this disease. She suffered so much in her life, living with diabetes and congestive heart failure and surviving a triple bypass and dialysis three times a week for over 5 years. She never complained, never lost faith, and never lost her amazing smile.

I never met Jamia but I see traits of her in Mandie who, like her grandmother, is a faithful person who finds the positive in any situation. I am happy to share Jamia’s story and photo on my page at:

This week I was on the injured roster for a few days.  Shin splints are to blame!  I only logged 16 miles and 33,675 steps.  The rest was well worth it because I am back to feeling 100%! 

Grand Totals:  Miles= 440 Steps= 861,021  Doughnuts consumed=1

Happy Stepping!


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  1. Yes, us carrying the dozen box back for 3 miles would have been interesting! Thanks for walking with me this weekend!