Thursday, September 3, 2009

Training Walks and FAQ (contd.)

So, I've had a break from blogging and I apologize but I'm back! First, thanks to everyone who helped with my online fundraiser. I raised just over $450! It hasn't posted to my fundraising account yet but when it does, I will be over $1900! Kim and I also did a fundraising night at Figo in Decatur and raised a little over $100. We were thrilled and thanks to everyone who came out!

The past few weeks have been busy with fundraising efforts but also with our training walks. They have been getting longer and longer and I have had the pleasure of walking with different groups of people. Two weeks ago, I walked with Jaime, Carly and Steffani. Jaime and Carly are walking in the Atlanta 3-Day and are part of my book club. Steffani is walking in the Tampa 3-Day and is fellow Kappa. We walked on the Alpharetta Big Creek Green Way (it was outside the perimeter...gasp). It was very lovely and I wish we had one closer to us. It was nice and shaded and the 14 miles went by pretty quickly with girl talk and then a lovely lunch afterwards. This past weekend, I trained with Kim and her STP. We did an official training walk! We started at 6 am and I think have all decided that we won't participate again. While it was nice to walk with other people, it was way too early! I have had some great training partners so far and hope to continue!

Now, on to my Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do you carry a backpack?

Well dear reader, I have a lot of stuff to haul. First, I haul water with me and it provides hydration especially on these longer walks. Then there is other stuff...mole skin to ward off blisters, scissors to cut my mole skin, my spiffy new raincoat (thanks to birthday money from Susan and Scott), snacks (you always need snacks to survive that long), my ID, some cash and a credit card, insurance card just in case, and a water bottle filled with Nuun (an electrolyte supplement).

What do you do to raise money?

Why I am so happy you asked, dear reader! I sent out emails to my friends and family and they have been very generous in their support. Kim and I hosted a fundraising night at Figo. We have another one coming up at Capozzi's on September 23rd (hint, hint...don't you want to come?). I did an online fundraiser with Finally, Movie Tavern has donated 100 tickets to me and I am giving them to you for a minimum suggested donation of $7. I still have lots so if you want some email me! I am very close to my goal and if I sell all tickets, I'll meet it.

What are you most afraid of?

First, I am most afraid of not raising enough money to participate (so buy some movie tickets). Then, I am most afraid of not finishing the event or passing out in the shower. I have documented my fear of passing out in the shower. I plan on drinking plenty of electrolytes and cooling down before walking into the shower truck.

Where do you find your training routes?

I love using It allows you to make up walks and tells you the mileage. I mainly walk around Emory and love looking at the old houses.

Have you met any new fun people?
Why yes I have! I met some interesting people on my first official training walk and have gotten to know other friends better while walking. You talk about a lot of stuff in 15 miles! I also have talked to some walkers I've met as I passed them.

Are you excited about camping?

Ummm...have you met me? I don't camp...EVER. So this should be interesting. I am well equipped with a -20 degree sleeping bag, headlamp, and a sleeping pad. I'll let you know what I think after I the walk.

Do you plan on doing another walk?

I haven't decided. I think this has jump started my fitness and hope to continue to walk and cross train but I am still unsure if I'll do this again. I think it is important to raise awareness so maybe or maybe not.

What can someone do to help you?

Well, dear reader, raise awareness! There are many things you can do to help. You can make a donation or buy some movie tickets. You can send words of encouragement. You can send us mail at camp (see Kim's post). You can come support us on the walk. Opening Ceremony is at Lake Lanier and Closing Ceremony is at Turner Field. You can come to the cheering stations along the route (more info as that is released). You can come on a training walk with any one of us. Finally, the whole point of the 3-day is to raise awareness and detection of breast cancer. So, talk to your friends about it.

Well with the holiday weekend, we are vacationing with my parents and I hope to get in our shortened walks this weekend of 8 and 6 miles. I'll avoid the bears that are loose on the Appalachian Trail (really, we will Mom). Hope everyone has a great Labor Day and Happy Walking!



  1. Meredith, I am so amazed at your enthusiasm for this wonderful opportunity! As a person who has a "Cause", too, I recognize how hard you are working. You have really demonstrated how much can be done to increase awareness, raise funds and have fun while you make an impact. Keep on trucking! Hope to see you guys soon!

  2. Meredith, I am so proud of you for doing this. You are one determined young lady. You always have been. Good luck on raising the rest of your money. I know you will reach your goals!
    Love, Mom